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Welcome to Bold Prime Trading School, an educational hub where traders of all experience levels can take part in furthering their understanding of the complex world of trading! Our Trading School covers topics of all ranges, from easier topics such as Support & Resistance, all the way to the more demanding topics such as Fundamental Analysis. Each course also offers at the end of it, a quiz where you can test you knowledge and strive to improve. Not only that, by completing quizzes, you receive Loyalty Points, which can be spent on Bold Prime Merchandise! Learn & earn with Bold Prime Trading School today!

Why Enroll? Here's Why

We have an inbuilt tracker so you can always be in the know as to how much you’ve learned and how much you have left to study. Furthermore, each time you complete a quiz, you will be rewarded with Loyalty Points, which you can use to redeem Bold Prime Merchandise!


Each step you take brings you closer to become a trad- ing master. With an in-built tracker, you will always be in the know as to how much you’ve learned and how much you have left to study.

How Does It All Come Together?


Complete Our Lessons

Read & understand our carefully crafted lessons.


Test Yourself

Our quiz will help you gauge your knowledge.


Learn & Earn

Quizzes earn you Loyalty Points to spend on Merchandise.


Trade With Confidence

With your newfound knowledge of trading, begin your trading journey with confidence.

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