About Us

Bold Prime Provides the performance of Institutional Level Brokerages but the accessibility of a Retail Broker. With one of the best Liquidity choices from Prime Providers, we focus on providing customers with only the best trading experience.

When Was Bold Prime Founded?

Bold Prime was founded by several teams of experts in multiple sectors of the financial services industry who came together in collaboration to create an amalgamation of all the features, perks and performance of industry standard retail financial businesses. We took all those aspects and made them better, pushing the boundaries of a Retail Brokerage, moving to a totally different level. This was conceived in the year of 2020.

Bold Prime is one of the pioneers in the CFD Brokerage Industry, providing institutional level performance and technology with retail-like accessibility. We believe that investing in cutting edge technology provides a trading experience unlike any other. Paired with knowledgeable and eager support teams that are right by your side 24/7, the entire CFD market is at your fingertips.

Our team is comprised of market experts from both Retail and Institutional trading which further widens the skillsets and expertise that we can offer on Bold Prime. Our systems, operations and wellbeing of the company is taken care of by the best personnel, leaving you with ZERO worries.

Regulatory Compliance

Bold Prime understands the significance of adhering to all applicable laws, guidelines, regulations, policies, and standards. In our enforcement climate, Bold Prime is committed to having strict management discipline and first-class controls. Bold Prime is expected to meet stringent financial criteria as a controlled company, including capital adequacy and audit requirements.


Bold Prime holds client money in client segregated and insured trust accounts throughout our trusted banking chain.

Mission Statement

On a need-to-know basis, Bold Prime maintains adequate controls and tracks the transfer of confidential and sensitive client information both inside and outside the Organization. Bold Prime does not knowingly reveal client details unless the client demands it or it is needed by law.

Why Was Bold Prime Founded?

Bold Prime believed that everyone has the right to access the best in terms of technology and service. We did not want to reserve our best offerings and plans to only high profile individuals or traders with institutional behaviour, instead we opened our doors to anyone and everyone.

Bold Prime’s goal is to keep pushing the limits of technology and innovation to better your experience as a client.

Core Values


A brand, platform and entity that clients can trust and depend on.


To provide a fully transparent & honest platform with the clients best interests in mind.


To accommodate all types of traders with different styles, behaviour and patterns.

Constant Innovation

We strive to push the boundaries of technology and innovation to better serve our clients.


Knowledge in any way possible to further enrich our clients.


A continuous effort to improve and correct out features, offerings and platform.

Our Location

Hamchako, Mutsamudu, Autonomuos Island of Anjouan, Union of Comoros

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